It is said that the fifth dimension operates on a plane above our reality, theoretically providing us with a way to tie together the main fundamental forces of electromagnetism and gravity, which seem to be unrelated in our regularly perceived four-dimensional space-time.

While most people are fine becoming complacent with their bodies and lives, staying on their same plane of comfort and stagnancy, there are some who dare to step into another dimension and take their performance and life to another level.

Fifth Dimension Fitness has the tools to help you do this.


I have worked with 4 other trainers before Nick and there is no comparison!

Joy Gillitzer

I have worked with personal trainers before and up until now I never knew what I was missing out on. However now that I know what I didn’t know I should ask those other trainers for my money back!

Vera Nowak

Rosencutter Ultra Fitness rocks. I highly recommend it. From the initial assessment to the individualized programs, you’ll get the attention and direction that you need. Proper technique is key and the staff will direct your efforts in a positive way and ensure things are done correctly. I can’t recommend RUF enough.

Nick Shaw

Get Ready for Elite Individualized Programming and Coaching.  We Bridge the Gap from Therapeutic Interventions Back to High Performance. Take a minute to learn about what we offer and see why we are the best.

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