From Professionals

Mike RobertsonNick Rosencutter is a top notch coach and trainer. Nick spent over four months with me as an intern; he was one of the hardest working, yet open-minded, individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Nick brought his A-game every single day in an effort to improve himself as a trainer and coach.

While it’s often cliché, Nick not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk. Nick has competed at a high-level as a powerlifter, and knows what it’s like to go through a tough workout. His rare combination of book knowledge with in the trenches understanding and know-how makes him a top notch trainer and someone I’m proud to have worked with.

Mike Robertson, M.S., C.S.C.S., U.S.A.W.
President, Robertson Training Systems

Co-Owner, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training
Ranked one of America’s Top 10 Gyms by Men’s Health Magazine in 2009


Bill HartmanIt is my pleasure to recommend Nick Rosencutter. I am co-owner of Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training (IFAST) and Clinical Rehabilitation Manager for Methodist Occupational Health Centers in Indianapolis. I came to know Nick through our internship program at IFAST. In fact, Nick was our very first intern. Through our internship, Nick was exposed to all facets of the sports and fitness training industry. Nick gained direct experience in the assessment of general fitness clients and athletes as well as designing programs for clients of all levels from the general fitness client to the high level athlete. He also gained a great deal of experience in working directly with our clientele in implementing their training programs.

At IFAST, we found Nick to have already established a solid foundation of fundamental knowledge of training theory and the science that underlies it. It was very easy to build upon that knowledge and Nick demonstrated his ability to integrate his new understanding into his training approach within the IFAST system.

Nick thinks quickly on his feet and is very adaptable to situations that may require the application of personal creativity to meet clients’ needs at any moment. Nick was able to reach a point of independence that no longer required direct supervision in working with clients. To this day, our clients continue to compare each new intern to Nick as he set a very high standard for all future interns.

Nick continues to make efforts to expand his knowledge base and seeks out every opportunity to learn as I have personally seen him at several educational conferences since his internship. Nick has also branched out on his own in starting his own thriving sports and fitness training business and remains motivated to expand his skill set. I strongly recommend Nick to all varieties of clients.

Bill Hartman, PT, CSCS, ART
Co-owner, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training


Dr. Therese MillerMilwaukee is lucky to have Nick and his team who are already well-respected around the country as leaders in their field. RUF and Nick Rosencutter address all aspects of a persons health and individually design appropriate programming to help people reach their goals safely. Coming from a personal background of serious injuries and a professional background of exercise science and medicine, I cannot overemphasize the need for appropriate planning, programming and coaching. Nick drives himself for additional training, knowledge and credentials to ensure he has a variety of tools, resources and techniques to safely and effectively help his clients. Nick has helped me achieve my personal best while addressing previous injuries. I also trust Nick with my patients who are ready to transition out of rehab or are looking to push themselves toward a new goal but are at risk of an injury. If you are around Milwaukee, you should be training at RUFP; plain and simple.

Dr. Therese Miller, DC, ART, CKTP, HES, CPT

danNick is one of the most knowledgeable people that I’ve met in my ten years involved in strength and conditioning. This is definitely the place to be if you’re in the Greenfield area!

Dan Pasholk, Competitive Powerlifter and Strength Coach



From Clients

mark_testimonialHello! My name is Reverend Mark Mastin. As someone who is active in ministry, there can be a tendency for one to neglect one’s health and fitness. And, as one gets older (I am 53 years old), it can become difficult to have the energy or desire to try to lose weight or to get fit again.

Back in September of 2009, I made a decision to get healthy and physically fit. According to my doctor, I was some 24 plus pounds overweight and really had no muscle strength or tone. But thanks to Nick Rosencutter, my trainer, I was able to not only meet my goals of loosing weight and building up muscle mass, but to exceed goals. Nick helped me to achieve this success in various ways. I still train with Nick as of the writing of this letter.

First, before any training took place, he measured and analyzed my body structure in order to determine my fitness and mobility level and then establish a personalized program that I could gradually work with.

Second, we discussed issues of diet, which included carbs versus protein levels. We likewise talked about the science, the reasons why and the types of weight training sets and exercises that I would be performing. As I now know, eating well and cardio aerobic style exercising is only one part of a healthy lifestyle and losing excess body fat. Weight training is absolutely necessary to successfully lose fat and help a person to become fully fit.

And so, out of this discussion, Nick created a weight training and cardiovascular routine that would challenge me and yet have a built in safety factor to protect me from any type of injury. And this is the best part of Nick as a trainer. Someone who pushes you, encourages you, and yet Nick is always there watching your movements to make sure that you are training properly so that you can optimize your workouts while providing a high margin of safety and care. Additionally, Nick is intermittingly re-measuring you to visually show you how you are progressing.

Overall, in about 8 to 9 weeks, I went from 162 pounds to 138 pounds. I have gained good muscle tone and strength, along with smoother abs and a slimmer waistline. I feel good and I am thinking more clearly than I was in my 20’s. Was it hard at times to do this? Of course. But once you get over those first few weeks and listen to what Nick is saying, you will see the rewards of your efforts. And this success has not just been with me, I have seen Nick have success with others who are both young and older adults.

So, if you are looking for a trainer who is an expert in his field and is personable, then Nick Rosencutter is someone I highly recommend.

– Rev. Mark Mastin


todd_testimonyMy name is Todd Maier and I am a 38 year old firefighter. I was introduced to Nick through my wife Penny. I had a gut feeling that Nick was the “real deal” after his first session with my wife. She came home after the initial assessment and couldn’t stop talking about it. She was so excited to share every subsequent workout and how much she enjoyed them. In the back of my mind I knew this was something I should do but my ego just kept getting in the way. I grew up lifting weights and “knew what I was doing”.

In fall of 2010, while lifting a patient, I suffered a significant back injury. After almost nine months of little improvement, and a few relapses, I realized that I didn’t know what I was doing. I thought disability was in my future so I made the decision to kill my ego and see Nick.

The initial assessment was uncomfortable to say the least, but as expected Nick was very professional in his approach. He knew exactly what was causing my pain, and we immediately went to work. Fortunately my years of weight lifting were not completely wasted as I was able to quickly pick up on most of my workouts. Since our first session my gains have been incredible. I am pain free, stronger, more flexible, and able to perform my duties at an extremely high level. As an example, I am dead lifting 225 for reps and not looking back. I would have thought this was impossible just nine months ago. I have also transformed my eating habits due to his recommendation of “Warp Speed Fat Loss”. My body fat has melted and I can’t begin to explain how good I feel. Some of my brothers and sisters on the job also began to see Nick and we are developing a true fitness culture in our department.

I can’t thank my wife enough for her courage in taking the initial step consulting with Nick. His teaching and guidance have improved our life and those of my closest friends. If you truly want results and are willing to work, Nick will get you there.

-Todd Maier, St. Francis Firefighter


penny_maier_testimonialHi, my name is Penny Maier and I am currently working with Nick as my personal trainer. In the December of ’09, after turning 35, I noticed I was looking “frumpy” and was having upper and lower back pain as well as right shoulder pain. I attributed my back pain to working in the health care field (I’m a registered nurse) and my right shoulder pain to being an athlete most of my life (I still play competitive volleyball). I have also “worked out” or kept in shape most of my life, or so I thought. So I decided to try personal training and if that wasn’t going to work I was planning on trying a chiropractor. It took a lot of courage for me to get a fitness evaluation. It’s not fun hearing about your “weak” areas or having your love handles and back fat measured with a caliper, but I survived. My first training session, well that’s another story.

I met with Nick the week after my fitness evaluation for my first one-hour session. We started out with the foam roller (I have since bought one) and a number of warm up exercises. I was thinking this isn’t that bad, not realizing it was just the warm up. Then we moved on to using equipment I never thought I would use. We were in the area where all the body building men worked out. I thought to myself “I don’t belong in here.” I was used to using the cardio equipment, lifting 2-5# dumbbells and/or the weight machines (15-20#’s the most). So after learning how to squat, do rows and plenty of exercises that are actually effective, we moved on to cardio. I was exhausted, but continued with doing step-ups and pad pushing (I could only do 2 out of 3 sets). I’m not going to lie I thought I was going to die, but it’s exactly what I needed. After stretching and resting for a bit I felt like I was training for college volleyball tryouts again. After that feeling I couldn’t wait for my next workout.

I have been training with Nick 1-2 times per week since January of 2010 and each session has gotten easier. Every new workout is challenging but with Nick’s quiet confidence and extensive knowledge base he pushes me to the next level. I do front and back squats as well as dead lifts and even pull ups. I have shed lots of body fat and I am pain free in my back and my right shoulder is about 95%. It’s amazing. I am eating better and I have a lot more energy. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone of any age. He knows his stuff and has helped me to look, and feel, good again.

– Penny Maier


abbieI first met Nick, recommended by a friend, when I was 23 after I “tweeked” my lower back lifting an SCBA at work. I always was a pretty active person playing basketball, tennis, and what I thought was weightlifting. After all, you never think you are as out of shape as you actually are. After only meeting with him only a few times, I was amazed that what I thought I knew was nothing at all. I was immediately addicted to his desire to make me better and knowledge of the body. I was exercising and eating the right way. After an intense 8 months I lost nearly 20lbs and 11% body fat and loved the way I looked, but more importantly the back pain went away entirely. Nick has adapted programs through injuries, fire academies, and overall increasing strength for ME. It has changed my life immensely and watching his successes fulfill so rapidly is incredible. Thanks Nick for all your patience and motivation!

– Abbie Windus, Kenosha Firefighter

My name is Joy and I am 42 years old and have been training with Nick for a few years. When Nick asked me to write a testimonial my immediate thought was that will be easy, because my experience in training with Nick has been extraordinary. I have trained with four other trainers before Nick and there is no comparison. I was impressed from the beginning when he gave me my evaluation he took his time and was very thorough.

Nick designs a program that I always feel is a full body workout I am always amazed at what we accomplish in an hour. He helps me to build on my weaknesses and always recognizes my achievements. Nick has not only taught me how to properly strength train but has also given me useful tools I can use in my everyday activities.

In the past when I have worked with trainers, I have been pushed to the point of pain and agony, Nick has never pushed me to that point but guides me to building strength and stamina in a way that will not cause strain. I see in Nick the passion and dedication he has in being a strength & conditioning professional and I feel very lucky to benefit from that.

– Joy Gillitzer


Rosencutter Ultra Fitness (RUF) rocks. I highly recommend it. From the initial assessment to the individualized programs, you’ll get the attention and direction that you need. Proper technique is key and the staff will direct your efforts in a positive way and ensure things are done correctly. I can’t recommend RUF enough.

– Nick Shaw

Daily, Nick Rosencutter lives and breathes his passion and that is living your passion. I have worked with personal trainers before and up until now I never knew what I was missing out on. However now that I know what I didn’t know I should ask those other trainers for my money back. Here is a man who truly cares about your physical fitness condition. He lives and breathes his passion, in his own words his job is not a job it’s a passion he lives every day.

jay_dirienzoI know all the training I got with Nick in the off season helped me because this year i saw a lot more power in my swing, and i felt faster. My junior year i only had 3 homeruns all year, and this year i had 13 homeruns, a high school record. As far as speed goes,. my numbers improved from my junior season to my senior season and i was able to steal more bases this year. I also had a shoulder injury and i needed some rehab before i could do any playing. My shoulder feels stronger than ever and it has been a great rehab process. Overall i feel like this has been the strongest i have ever been and it really showed with the breakout season that I had this year on the way to our second consecutive state championship.

– Jay Dirienzo
Greater Metro Baseball Player of the Year, Franklin High School, 2 time state champion 2011 season- 13 home runs (school record), .545 batting avg, 50 rbi’s, .841 slug %, 14 runs

joe_becker_testimonialOriginally I had low back pain, was out of shape, and overweight. Nick Rosencutter struck me as a real pro right away. His assessment was top notch and the programs he developed changed me very rapidly. Within 3 months my low back pain was gone and I was sub 10% percent body fat. My athleticism improved greatly. With a combination of proper strength and conditioning focused on proper technique the last 2 years of training have been life changing to say the least. His training facility has a very positive and motivating atmosphere. Nick is the perfect combo of real world in the trenches knowledge combined with years of study and classroom learning.

– Joe Becker


LiamOrtegaMeet Nick Rosencutter, a Wisconsin native and the most voracious learner I have ever met. He also happens to be a remarkable power lifter, massage therapist, certified Active Release Therapist, and lucky to call my trainer here in Milwaukee.

Over the years I had the opportunity to learn from fantastic coaches who taught me many great lessons to shape me into the athlete I am today. I first was connected to Nick by my former coach, Dave Tamburrino, because I was looking to make solid gains in the weight room without gaining unnecessary size and compromising my skating.

The initial evaluation alone left me impressed to fine tune my movements and body from where I was starting and needed to be. The foam rolling, coupled with the corrective movements and muscle activation, has opened strength for me that I never knew before. Then HEALTH, with regular ART sessions helps keep my training at a very high level on the ice with progress gains each week!

The trait I like most about Nick and his staff is that every client who walks in the door gets the exact same attention and level of expectation…their best to get better. This multidimensional approach with strength and therapy is a fantastic one. I feel very lucky to have teamed up with the Rosencutter crew.

– Liam Ortega
Champion Speed Skater


My name is Tony Garrett. Before I met Nick I had back pain that was getting so bad I was unable to do many of the things I had done for years, such as yard work and playing golf. I had been to specialists, other trainers, therapists, etc. without much luck. Some surgeons even wanted to cut me open although they didn’t know what they were trying to find. I thought I was done. After much time wasted taking cortisone shots to ease my pain, I decided to try something new. After working with Nick for almost 9 months, not only is my back almost normal again but my entire body feels great and looks better. I am doing yardwork with no problems and due to the increased strength and quality of movement I have developed, I am playing golf more effectively then I did before. I now understand the correct way to train and move and am glad to know that my body has found relief. Nick is a miracle worker!

– Tony Garrett



I first walked into RUFP for ART .I feel very fortunate that i found you. By the time i saw you in january for my shoulder, it had been 6 months since my injury, 6 months of off and on PT, cortisone injections, and vicodin and ice to fall asleep. I was so limited in what i could do and could no longer do many things… It was frustrating and depressing. Surgery seemed like the only answer.

You and your skills, teaching and genuine concern became my answer.

I can’t thank you enough for that. I mean it.

I’m anxious to continue working at my fitness goals, i have placed myself in the best trainers hands for that, thank you for setting me on a path that will make it happen.

– Susie Carney

mel transformation picYou really have a great thing going with your business. The Kool-Aid (non-BS kind) packs a punch. You should be very proud of yourself for what you do for your clients. You have this humble confidence about you which is hard to describe. It comes so natural to you, which might be why it is hard to explain. But through that magic, you instill a level of confidence in us (well, in me for sure). There is this sense of pride, a feeling of passion and a sense of community each time I enter the gym. I can see it happening right in front of me. I hope you can see it, too. It’s a really great thing to stand back and watch. I encourage you to take some time, if you haven’t already, and really look at what you have built. Allow yourself to take it in. I don’t know you very well, but I do know that you have made an impact on my life and I wanted to be sure I properly thanked you.

– Melissa Manley


“Thank you for helping me to achieve my current state of fitness. Skirt fits and in another week or two it may even be loose. You are my hero!

– With gratitude, Debra Ruane


Thanks for being so helpful – these new routines are really brightening my life and for the first time in my life I enjoy doing these things!

– Your adopted Grandma, Sharon


Regarding my training, I want to thank you for all you’ve done in helping me along the road of recovery. You have the unique talent of understanding both the art and science behind personal fitness and training. I feel that this comes across in the sessions as you motivate and inspire me to give my best.

– Dan Langenfeld, Marathon Runner

Nick and the coaching staff at Rosencutter Ultra Performance and Fitness are consummate fitness professionals whose individualized training and nutritional guidance have changed my life. They are capable of working with anyone at any fitness level to guide you to GET RESULTS. I’m not there to power lift, but to relieve all my muscle imbalances from years of working at a desk, tone up and stay fit and healthly so I can enjoy a long and active life. I have never felt better!”

– Mary Jo Garinger

Training at RUFP has totally changed my life! I am not only physically stronger, but out of pain, feel fantastic, feel confident, and it is a great sense of accomplishment! The team is so knowledgeable and only happy to teach you what they know. Little did I know, one assessment would change my life so much! We are so fortunate to workout somewhere where the staff is committed to you & your results. I love it there!”

– Sally Radka

Nick has provided Vilter Manufacturing ART services and has really helped several employees. What started out as a few people wanting to see Nick has grown to a long waiting listing of employees eager to meet with him for a treatment session. He has helped reduce our recordable accidents and helped raise morale.”
Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

– Blake Lawrence, Safety Engineer at Emerson Climate Technologies

Red Schafer, UFC Veteran + MMA Coach + Professional Grappler
Thank you for helping me feel stronger and resilient. The best I’ve ever felt. I wish I had Alex my entire MMA career.

– Red Schafer, UFC Veteran + MMA Coach + Professional Grappler



Leah “Nidas” Letson, Professional MMA fighter (Invicta FC + UFC)
A complete game changer in my body and MMA.

– Leah “Nidas” Letson, Professional MMA fighter (Invicta FC + UFC)




Kali "Poptart" Robbins, Professional MMA fighter (Invicta FC)
Working with Alex and RUFP has been a complete game changer for me and my MMA career. I’m stronger, more conditioned, and have corrected imbalances that were causing injury.

– Kali “Poptart” Robbins, Professional MMA fighter (Invicta FC)

Joey Carioti, Competitive powerlifter, Former collegiate football athlete, Business owner
Top notch coaching and gym. I have been around trainers my entire life. Alex and the RUFP crew is by far the best. They breakdown your strengths and weaknesses, then design programs specific for you. They take pride in coaching form and doing the little things right. From soft tissue work to strength work they do a awesome job. I recommend these guys to anyone, any day of the week. 500Ib squat. 500lb deadlift. 330lb bench press

– Joey Carioti, Competitive powerlifter, Former collegiate football athlete, Business owner

Adam Vanderveen, Professional Kickboxer/MMA fighter
The best I’ve ever felt and closest I’ve ever been to weight the week of fight week. Big thanks to Alex and RUFP for getting my strength and conditioning to this point.

– Adam Vanderveen, Professional Kickboxer/MMA fighter

From Google

Review from Elliot Ignasiak: "If there was anyone who needed training help surely it wasn’t me. I’d graduated with a degree in Exercise Science, tutored Anatomy and Physiology,  worked as a personal trainer, did 20 pullups as verified by a Marine challenge at Summerfest and was about to go to medical school. Yet recognizing that I still had gaps in my knowledge I decided to give Nick a chance, and am very glad that I did.  No matter what our knowledge, there is always more we can learn and I sure learned a lot from Nick and his staff.  Moreover, there are things one can read or know of, but simply isn’t aware of when training themselves. I received many cues and subtle adjustments that made a world of difference in my performance and most likely strength training longevity.  I came in with a lot of minor injuries or issues that likely could have been prevented had I received such guidance early on in my training.   As someone who worked as a personal trainer at a regular, big gym I can assure you that the quality of trainers in the industry is as wide as Ronnie Coleman’s lats (ie there is a huge inconsistency in talent). Nick is a Ronnie Coleman to all the Pee-wee Herman’s out there."
Review from John Werner: "Very friendly and talented trainers and reasonable prices for their services."
Review from Shawn Antle: "I hate working out and have a weird work schedule but Nick and the guys make it worthwhile for the drive in.  My wife has lost 40 lbs and lost 15. I feel safe with the workout and the staff's help/oversight. I have never had luck or commitment at a gym. This works well for me."

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Review from Dan Pasholk: "Nick is one of the most knowledgeable people that I've met in my ten years involved in strength and conditioning. This is definitely the place to be if you're in the Greenfield area!"
Review from Gina Vallejos: "Patient and knowledgeable coaches who push you to be the best and lift the heaviest!!!"
Review from Jessi Chavez: "I love this gym. The coaches are super knowledgeable and helpful. The programs are personalized for each member. That way your specific needs are met. Each person is unique and therefore needs specialized instruction. I have never felt this good or been this strong. And I would recommend this gym to anyone serious about getting fit."
Review from Jill Smith: "Terrific coaching. Awesome motivation. If, a year ago, someone had told me I'd be doing deadlifts, I would have said they were crazy. But I've done them and more. I highly recommend RUFP. I will never open doors or lift things the same way again. I am now way more in tune with how my physical being and attitude can make huge positive differences in every day life. Joining RUFP is one of the best decisions I have ever made."
Review from Kiff James: "I have been in and out of the gym since college. I have to say it is nice to finally have some guidance and understanding in the gym. They tailor your workouts to fit your personal goals and show you how to do them properly. The staff is easy to talk to and the other members are always friendly. They work with people of all age groups and lifestyles. Glad I was convinced to give them a try."
Review from Louisa Podevels: "I love that the trainers are so willing to go out of their way to help you learn and help you be your best. I struggle with what I eat especially when I am stressed and although I haven’t reached my goals YET( I’m declaring a huge shift for this fall/winter season!!) , I still have the desire to exercise and not give up and am still doing better health wise for exercising than I was in January when I walked through the door. I love that I feel strong. I love the people that I work out with that motivate me. I love all the hella strong healthy older( age is just a number and these people prove it) people! Lastly I have never felt more welcome in a gym or had more fun at a gym! Thank you RUFP staff! 🤗😘❤️ Louisa Podevels"