Fox 6 Appearances

There’s a Right Way to Lift, Whether at the Gym or at Home, so that you Don’t Hurt Yourself

Stressed by the Holidays? Maybe you just need to Breathe Correctly

Deadlifting Doughnuts: Combining Fitness and Food for a Great Cause

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Chin Up: There’s another option than pre-taped workout videos at home. Live workout videos, with trainers and friends

How can you help kids affected by cancer? By weightlifting and eating doughnuts at a charity powerlifting meet in Wauwatosa

Chin Up: Empowered by power lifting

That red light on your commute is an opportunity for mindfulness

A trainer’s advice for parents on the go hoping to stay fit

Empowered by physique competitions

Jamba Juice operator Matt Geik strives to improve area’s fast-food options

In Motion Series

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The Squat

The Hip Hinge

The Pull

The Push

Rotational Control


Troubleshooting the Lunge: How to Fix Your Form

Developing Pre Pull Tension for a Monster Deadlift

3 Causes of Recurring Hamstring Injuries

How Energy Systems Training Can Help You Be Better at Your Sport

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The Truth About Eating Before Bed

3 Reasons Why You Should Take a Fish Oil Supplement

Sports Nutrition for Coaches: What to Tell Your Athletes

Bulletproof Your Squat With These 4 Progressions

The Forgotten Muscle That’s Key to Being a Better Athlete

Robertson Training Systems

The Road to 600


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Ab Workouts Done Right

4 Step Warm Up Exercises for a Massive Body Boost

Train Heroic

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A Coaches Framework for Long Term Athletic Development Part 1

A Coaches Framework for Long Term Athletic Development Part 2

Interview – Nick Rosencutter on Corrective Exercise and Performance

3 Part Series on Corrective Exercise

Using Corrective Exercise to Overcome an Injury

Corrective Exercise to Improve Your Deadlift

Corrective Exercise for Performance

Top 6 Ways to Strengthen Your Low Back

5 Weight Room Secrets For Speed, Power & Strength

Elite FTS

6 Exercises to Improve Posture (and Recovery)

4 Hacks to Prevent Back and Hip Overuse Injuries

Key Components of a Youth Athlete’s Initial Training Program

A Case for Directly Training the Hip Flexors

Why Powerlifters Should Front Squat


Interview with Nick

Physical Preparation Podcast

Physical Preparation with Nick Rosencutter