Anybody can “workout.” Not everybody trains.

We’ve all seen it. People go to the gym and blindly go through random workouts that get them nowhere or hurt. Ask yourself a question: If you knew nothing about cars and had an issue with your engine, would you mess around with it to try to see what happened? I’m guessing the answer is probably no.

Well, the body is much more complex than any car engine. Every single thing that you do within a workout has an effect on your body anatomically, neurologically, physiologically, and biomechanically. Every piece of your program must have rationale behind it. Failing to do this will lead to less than optimal results.

There are plenty of big box commercial gyms and 24 hour fitness centers around for you to go to, but there is one major problem with these places: They could care less about your results and usually have nobody there who has the appropriate background for how to properly work with your body. Fitness and training certifications are highly variable. While hundreds of organizations offer “certification”, there are only a few that really test adequate knowledge.

At our facility, every individual receives an in depth assessment and consultation in order to determine exactly what they need to do within their own individualized program to reach their goals and be the best they can possibly be. Every coach at our facility is a true strength and conditioning professional of the highest quality with both in the trenches experience and academic education.

What will you experience at our training facility?

  • In depth assessment that includes body fat measurement, blood pressure, girth measurements, muscle imbalance and posture analysis, movement analysis, appropriate strength and endurance tests and sport specific performance tests for athletes.
  • Professionally designed monthly programs tailored to your own needs and goals to ensure safe and effective training
  • The absolute best coaching in technique and performance that you will find,
  • An extremely motivating atmosphere full of coaches who care about you being your best and seeing results, and other serious individuals who strive to break past barriers with their bodies and lives
  • You will learn why you are doing what you are doing and how to train the right way for you.
  • If you are serious about working hard and learning, getting in the best shape of your life, getting rid of pain for good or preparing yourself to dominate the competition next season, then this is the place for you.
  • If you are ready to take your body and performance to the next level, then come on in!

* Based on what is found during the assessment, programs include the following to address specific needs and issues:

  • Soft tissue work to get rid of scar tissue, knots and adhesions in order to restore optimal tissue quality and movement and get rid of pain, stiffness, and movement limitations
  • Mobility Exercises to promote more efficient movement at joints and areas of the body that need it
  • Strength Training to build muscle and get stronger in order to promote fat loss or improve performance
  • Corrective Exercise to prevent and rehabilitate injuries, fix postural faults and address muscular imbalances and asymmetries
  • Energy Systems Training (Think “Cardio” that is actually fun and useful) to promote fat loss, improve performance or address the specific needs of a sport
  • Extra Stretches and/or Corrective Exercise to address individual stiffness and weaknesses

* Effective training sessions and coaching that will get you into the best shape of your life  

Specific Training Offered

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