Welcome to the first part of the Meet the Coaches series — a brand new series where the RUFP team so hesitantly graciously let me (Jessica, your token gym unicorn) take over the blog for a series of interviews showing you the sides of the coaches we don’t normally get to see.


We’re all well aware they’re good at what they do. We all know we can trust them with anything movement-related, nutrition-related, etc., but what do we really know about Nick, Helen, or Tyler? My mission with this series is to find out!

Who better to start with than our very own fearless gym leader, first of his name, lifter of dead, murderer of muscle knots – Nick Rosencutter.


J: Please state your full name, your age, and your favorite color for the record.

N: Nicholas Ryan Rosencutter, 34, blue.


J: Did you ever get in trouble in school? Any stories you’d be willing to share?

N: When I did get in trouble, it was usually outside of school. Usually partying. There was a period of time in high school and college where I was a little wild and liked to party pretty hard. But all-in-all, I didn’t get into a ton of trouble. I was just smart about the mischief I partook in and didn’t get caught 🙂  Although I did get put on probation in the college dorms my sophomore year 🙂  (We don’t need to go into the details with that one 🙂

J: Who was your celebrity crush as a kid? giphy-1

N: The first one that pops in my head is Alicia Silverstone.

J: What was the FIRST thing you wanted to be when you grew up?

N: I wanted to be a basketball player when I was really young. I also wanted to be a writer/author, which I kind of get to do now in a different way than I would have imagined. I used to write stories. I wrote this one that I recently found a copy of after my Mom dug up a bunch of old stuff called “The Shoemaker”. It’s about this shoemaker and long story short, he ends up getting taken by aliens. He’s on this spaceship as a prisoner, and then one day he wakes up in his bed and he thinks it was a dream, and then he wakes up again and he’s still on the ship. It was funny because in the beginning of the story, I talked about how he picked up bread and milk on the way home and how much it cost. And I was talking about how his parents had their friends, Tom and Janice over, and they all tasted the milk together and thought it was “quite good”.  Might not have been my best work 🙂

J: What was your first car?

N: A 1995 green Plymouth Acclaim. I got subs put in it and black lights. I had a CD player put in that had graphics. It was the coolest Plymouth Acclaim that you ever saw.  (Until my sister totaled it a couple of months after I left for college)


J: Do you have any weird talents? Like, can you touch your tongue to your nose, etc.?

N: I can make my pecs dance. I can speak decent Spanish. Oh, and I can’t blow a bubble with bubblegum.giphy-3

J: Really? You can’t?

N: Nope.

J: Would you rather be covered in fur or scales?

N: (Thinks long and hard) Let’s go with fur. I feel like it would be more comfortable. Keep me warmer.

J: What is your most embarrassing gym story?

N: Hmm I’m not sure I really have any good ones. One time in high school at an athletic club, I put too much weight on one side of the bar and the bar flipped sideways.

J: What was the last thing you read?

N: Last one I read was my ART Level II lower extremity manual. Spent a few months on that one.

I’m currently reading “Legacy” by James Kerr and “The Gift of Injury” by Stuart McGill and Brian Carroll.

I’m usually reading some kind of business/success book and some kind of training/therapy/science related book.

J: What’s your favorite ice cream topping?

N: (does not skip a beat) Rainbow sprinkles, maraschino cherries, with marshmallow topping.

J: What would be your “death row” meal?

N: Sausage and pepperoni pizza from Ann’s with a double cheeseburger from Stack’d Burger Bar, and some plain meat, cheese, and lettuce tacos from any authentic Mexican place. Oh and some Jolly Good cherry soda. Throw a salad in there, too. Have to go out with good balance.

J: Is that all?

N: And a glass of water. And a s’mores sundae from Kopp’s.

J: Do you hit snooze or wake up immediately?

N: Probably half and half. Depends on the day. I prefer/try to wake up with no alarm.

J: Are you a beach or pool person?

N: A lake far away from everything. Does that count? Otherwise, I guess I’d say a beach.

J: We all know you’re great at your job. What job would you be TERRIBLE at?

N: A waiter because I’d get too mad at people whining about their food.

J: If they were making a movie about your life, which actor would you pick to play you?

N: I have no idea. Nobody could play me.


Brief interviewer interruption here: I took the liberty of selecting a celebrity to play Nick, since he was unable to choose. I think everyone would agree with me when I say Chuck Norris would be the best candidate. —

J: Do you have any superstitions?

N: I feel better if I wear a Packer jersey on game days.

J: What is your biggest annoyance in life right now?

N: So these assholes at Kellogg’s completely ruined my Rice Krispie Treats cereal. I bought a box before my trip a couple of weeks ago, and the first morning I went to pour a bowl, and it comes out and I thought “oh they added little marshmallows to it, that’s cool” but THEN I realized that there were no more clusters to be found!! (voice begins rising in volume) It’s always like little Rice Krispies Treats! They changed the recipe into a glorified boring old Rice Krispie Treats cereal with marshmallows. They completely ruined it. I’m very disappointed.

J: What could you give a 40 minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation? It cannot be related to your profession.

N: Best music bands in history. I’m a pretty big music buff, so I could cover a lot of ground with that.


J: What Game of Thrones character do you think could deadlift more than you? Ruling out the Mountain (because that’s a little too obvious). And no giants either.

N: No one. If anyone had a chance, maybe Tormund Giantsbane. But probably not.


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