Here are some of the sites I commonly visit with tons of great information for both trainers and enthusiasts.

Our Youtube Page Check out a wide variety of training and demo videos, more will continually be added.  Our combined site with our partners Miller Sports & Wellness Chiropractic and Hands On Inc. One of the best training sites out there with tons of great articles and every piece of equipment you will ever need. Tons of great articles and information on training and nutrition. One of the smartest men I have ever worked with. Another one of the smartest men I have ever worked with. Plenty of training info, especially on working with baseball players. Site of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Loads of exercise videos for all different applications. Tons of great info on how to get strong, explosive, and powerful. Rick Kaselj’s site full of information on working with injured clients and muscle imbalances among tons of other things. Official website of one of the most effective soft tissue treatment programs in existence. Loads of information on great ways to effectively train athletes.   Lots of great blog content. THE back and spine expert, Stuart McGill. A legend in the strength and conditioning game. Purchase pharmaceutical grade nutrition products. Patrick Ward’s site.  Great strength coach and massage therapist. Friend and colleague, great up and coming coach and trainer. Great chiropractor and A.R.T. practitioner in the Milwaukee  area (one part of moxie). Tons of great nutritional information, TRUE nutritional information.  Lots of amazing info from David Weinstock about treating muscle imbalances 

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